David Engineering (K) Limited

David Engineering (K) Limited Formerly operating as DAVID ENGINEERING LTD has been in operation since 1998. Started as a small entrepreneurial company, David Engineering (K) Ltd has grown to be one of the leading players in the steel construction industry known for its custom designs, competitive pricing, quality, personal touch with the clients and efficiency.

Our main products include;

Design, Fabrication, Supply and Erection of:
  • Grain Silos
  • Go-down Structures / Portal frames any sizes
  • Ground pressed steel water tank
  • Elevated pressed steel water tanks with steel tower
  • Oil and fuel cylindrical tanks
  • Bridges
  • Stainless steel pressed steel tanks
  • Road signage and gantry’s
  • Advertisement bill boards
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Overhead crane structures
  • Communication & transmission towers
  • Petrol station canopies
  • Galvanized structures
  • Ventilation systems (jack roofs, Ridge ventilators and rotating vents)
  • Steel work and roofing’s to churches, supermarkets, conference halls etc
  • The work (infinite) for the ground and elevated pressed steel tanks
  • Galvanised pressed steel tank and elevated towers (infinite size)

Our Work

Some successfully completed projects